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Athens Pine Straw

For the highest quality baled pine straw for your Athens business, you can trust the experts at Putnals Premium Pine Straw. For over forty years, we have been bailing and selling the best pine straw in the Southeast. Whether you are a landscaper, landscaping supply store or nursery, if you need wholesale pine straw, we hope to be your supplier.

Wholesale Premium Pine Straw

What makes Putnals Premium Pine Straw the highest quality is the extensive effort we put into harvesting and baling our pine straw. Our team of harvesters hand sort our pine straw, picking out sticks and pine cones by hand before harvesting the pure pine straw. It is then hand fed into our balers, creating consistently-sized and high quality bales every time.

As part of our dedication to serving our customers, we also offer contract pine straw spreading for Athens businesses. Pine straw offers a clean, professional appearance for your landscaping or sloped areas, providing both weed and erosion control. Our crews can quickly and meticulously spread our quality pine straw for your landscaping, saving you time and money. Our standard crew can spread approximately tractor trailer load of pine straw per day, leaving your ground well protected and looking great at the end of every day.

Top Quality Bulk Pine Straw

We offer two size bales of pine straw for your convenience. These bales are available for sale by pallet or bulk truckload, all secured and protected to ensure quality. We have our own fleet trucks to ensure timely delivery to all our customers.

Whether you are looking for a pine straw wholesaler with quality product and service or need to hire a pine straw spreading contractor, Putnals Premium Pine Straw is your local pine straw expert. Contact us today and let us help you with all your pine straw needs in the Athens area.

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