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Landowners - Lease Your Land for Pine Straw Harvest

Are you are landowner with pine tree groves? Putnals Premium Pine Straw offers lease contracts to landowners to earn extra money on their pine tree plantations while they grow. This is an excellent opportunity to obtain an ongoing income while your trees are growing, plus receive other benefits from partnering with us to harvest your pine straw.

We offer annual land leases by the acre for landowners with pine tree groves. Our land leases run 3-10 years, giving our landowner partners guaranteed annual income on their pine trees. There are several other benefits to engaging in a land lease for your pine trees with Putnals:

  • Free mowing and herbicide. We will mow and apply herbicide to your pine tree groves to ensure healthy growth and to protect your trees from fire hazard.
  • Fertilizing. We will share the cost of fertilizing your pine trees on a cost share basis, saving you money on your investment.
  • Fire lines. To protect your pine trees from fires, we will plow fire lines on request.
  • Insurance. Putnals Premium Pine Straw is fully insured for worker’s compensation and general liability, protecting landowners from any liability.

Contracting lease options for your pine tree acreage is a great way to earn income while getting the benefits of having your trees cared for by our professional staff. We are always looking for quality pine tree harvesting opportunities. Contact our office today to learn more about how you can benefit from our landowner pine tree lease program.

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