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Baton Rouge, LA Pine Straw

At Putnals Premium Pine Straw, we take pride in the fact that we have grown to be one of the largest suppliers of wholesale pine straw in the Southeast. For over four decades, we have been providing the best pine straw using meticulous harvesting methods and dependable delivery options. If you own a landscaping service or sell retail landscaping products in Baton Rouge, LA, let us serve all your pine straw needs.

Wholesale Premium Pine Straw

Our wholesale pine straw is available in bales, delivered by the truckload in our own delivery trucks to our customers. We offer two sizes of bales that are sold by via floor loaded trucks or by the pallet, with an average of 48 bales per pallet. From start to finish, we ensure the highest quality of pine straw by using only the best quality control- our experienced team of pine straw experts!

Our quality is controlled by harvesting our pine straw by hand- we sort out debris, rake and feed our pine straw into the baling machines by hand. There is no better way to ensure that every bale we produce is clean and baled to the correct size. It is this commitment to detail that has made Putnals known for the highest quality pine straw in the business.

Top Quality Bulk Pine Straw

Do you need bulk pine straw spread at your business in Baton Rouge? Another service we offer at Putnals is contract spreading for large properties. Whether you are replenishing old mulch or ground cover, or need new pine straw applied, our teams are ready to help. Our professional spreading crews can cover approximately 70,000 SF a day with our premium pine straw, saving you time and money.

Have you been looking for a quality wholesale supplier of pine straw that delivers to Baton Rouge? Look no further! Putnals Premium Pine Straw has affordable pricing and the best service in the business. Contact us today to learn more about our delivery options.

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