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Fort Myers, FL Pine Straw

Putnals Premium Pine Straw, Inc. is the largest supplier of wholesale pine straw bales in the southeast. Not only are we the largest local supplier, we also have the highest quality pine straw and best service available. If you own a landscaping service or supply business and are looking for a reputable pine straw wholesaler, you can trust Putnals Premium Pine Straw for all your pine straw mulch needs.

Wholesale Premium Pine Straw and Service

For over 40 years, Putnals Premium Pine Straw has been known for our premium pine straw in Florida. What makes our pine straw different from our competitors? We are careful to clean our pine straw by hand, removing sticks and debris. Then, we hand-feed our pine straw into our balers to create high quality, consistently-sized bales that our customers can count on.

Pine straw is one of the most popular mulches in the Southeast for a good reason. It is aesthetically pleasing for landscaping projects and is easier to maintain than many other mulch options. However, if you have a large property in need of pine straw, it can be labor intensive to spread. Putnals Premium Pine Straw offers a spreading service that can quickly and affordably take care of your mulch needs. To save both time and money, let our expert crew handle your next pine straw spreading project.

Top Quality Bulk Pine Straw

Another reason why so many businesses trust Putnals Premium Pine Straw is our commitment to service. To serve our customers, we offer various sizes of pine straw bales by the pallet or by floor loaded tractor trailer loads. In addition, we offer bulk delivery to businesses in the Fort Myers FL area from our own fleet of trucks or one of our independent trucking companies that are always on call for your convenience.

The next time you need to order pine straw for your business or need a professional spreading project completed, contact Putnals Premium Pine Straw. We are proud to offer the best in pine straw products and service in the Fort Myers FL area.

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