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Greenville, SC Pine Straw

Where do the best landscape industry businesses get their quality pine straw in Greenville, SC? From Putnals Premium Pine Straw! We have been serving the Southeast for over 40 years, producing and delivering the highest quality wholesale pine straw available. If you own a business that sells or uses pine straw in Greenville, let us be your premium supplier.

Wholesale Premium Pine Straw

At Putnals, we have built our business on the fundamental principle of quality in, quality out. It all starts in our harvesting methods. Before we rake and bale our pine straw by hand, we also clean out all the sticks, cones and other materials to ensure we have pure, premium pine straw for every bale we make. We know exactly what is in our product because we take the time to make each bale by hand.

The other aspect to our business is our commitment to customer service. We listen to our customer’s needs and have the sizes and delivery options they need for their business. It comes down to the golden rule of service- a happy customer is a loyal customer, which is why we have been in business for over four decades.

Top Quality Bulk Pine Straw

Our pine straw comes in bales of 2 sizes, plus we offer delivery from our own fleet of trucks right to your door. In addition, we also offer pine straw spreading for our customers that need large quantities spread fast by a professional crew. When it comes to pine straw, no one does it better than our team of experts at Putnals Premium Pine Straw!

Find out why Putnals Premium Pine Straw is the preferred supplier of wholesale, bulk pine straw in the Southeast. Contact us today for more information on our products and services for your Greenville business.

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